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This is Us 

Wedding photography is why we get started! On your wedding day, we are your photography team. We have learned what an incredible team a husband and wife can be. Nathan has an incredible eye for detail and capturing that PERFECT shot. Nicole is such a people person and rarely has met a stranger. The two of us pick up right where the other leaves off. We can envision what the other is thinking without words being said. We are so excited and honored to be able to serve you together!

Nathan and Nicole were both born and raised in Chesterfield, Virginia; right outside of Richmond. While Richmond is near and dear to our hears, we have been able to travel throughout Virginia to photograph weddings. We are humbled by our couples and clients that choose, and continue to chose US. Helping clients freeze their memories and capture treasured seasons is why we do what we do.



HATES coffee

Lover of gummy, sour candy

Happiest with a clean house

Picky eater

Loves to travel



Starts Every. Single. Morning with a Coke

One of 7 siblings

Loves to be outdoors

OCD about the yard


About Nicole

Hi friends, I’m Nicole! I am a lover all of things photography, specializing in weddings and seniors. I am married to my best friend, Nathan. We also serve as a wedding photography team. There is no one on this Earth that I would rather have working alongside while capturing a wedding day. The loves of our lives are our little man, Nash; our princess LeeAnn; and our 4-legged chocolate Lab, Browning. I wear many hats as a wife, mom, teacher and photographer. The Lord blessed me with a passion for service and a love of children. I am lucky enough to get up every morning and teach first graders. Photography allows me to use my creativity while also using my love and people and building relationships.


About Nathan

Nathan has had a digital camera in his hands since he can remember. He comes from a very big family so capturing memories was always a priority. (even when it was an unwelcomed video camera in the face of his siblings). Nathan has an attention to detail that is second to none. His attention to details goes from tedious yard work, putting up Christmas decorations,  cleaning in the house, or to getting that perfect bride and groom shot at a wedding. Photography is a creative outlet for Nathan. Working alongside Nicole during a BP couples wedding day creates the dream team!